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Lessons of a Candidate

First off, a huge thank you and shout out to all those people providing feedback, ideas, concerns and most importantly, support! Your encouragement is powerful and appreciated! Your donations towards the costs of my campaign are gratefully appreciated and essential to my success.

Your requests for lawn signs are hugely encouraging and I am honestly humbled at the number of those requests already.

Your offers to assist with everything from social media to sign installation to canvassing will be called upon in the very near future.

But it hasn’t all been rosy, and I know it won’t continue to be…

To the party that used my election email address to sign me up to multiple spam accounts, thanks for your interest and acknowledgement that I am a credible candidate. Your distraction technique is noted, as is your IP address used and provided by one of those spam sites! To the candidate spreading rumours that I was ‘expected to withdraw’ before nomination close, sorry to disappoint you, but I am a man of my word. That is why I sent both of you an email on the day I registered to let you know from the ‘horse’s mouth’ that I was in this race.

To the incumbents and candidates from other Wards who have reached out, I appreciate your support and encouragement, and look forward to working with many of you come December.

To all the out-of-town suppliers promising great video content, printing services, polling, etc., your unsolicited calls and emails are appreciated, but I have been very busy procuring services from Oshawa based businesses, and especially favouring my Ward 4 counterparts.

One Toronto based printer was shocked to hear that there might actually be a printer in Oshawa able to complete election brochures!

I am proud to support the businesses and owners who work, live, and pay taxes in Ward 4. Your continued support of the Downtown and Ward 4 is essential to our future. I can’t expect the people of Ward 4 to support me if I am not supporting them. These relationships have also given me an added opportunity to speak to those businesses and owners to hear their views, concerns, and ideas. And I thank each of you for your time, assistance, and service.

As we kick the campaign into gear, I look forward to knocking on your door and engaging with you. In the meantime, please follow and share me on: facebook

The web


Twitter @JeffDavisOshawa

Thank you, everyone. Contact me with your thoughts, ideas and concerns. Let me work with you to improve Oshawa, starting with Ward 4.

Jeff Davis Candidate for Regional and City Councillor, Ward 4 Oshawa

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