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Dear Friends of Ward 4, Oshawa

On Friday July 22, I officially entered the race for Ward 4 Regional and City Councilor in Oshawa.

I am working to develop campaign materials, website, and support to mount a fulsome and honest change to Ward 4, our downtown, and all of Oshawa.To date, I will be running against the incumbent and a past Councilor, both with name recognition due to past office, so this will not be an easy campaign.  I intend to knock every door in Ward 4 with leaflets, door cards, and information, complete two mail outs, conduct local meet and greet events, and provide a website.

I would be grateful for your financial contribution.

Campaigns of this magnitude, in Oshawa’s most populous ward are not cheap, and I would be grateful for any financial support you might offer.  The Clerk has set an initial maximum budget of $28,341 for Ward 4 campaigns.  The successful candidate last election spent more than $10,000.

All contributions over $25 must be made by personal cheque, money order or electronic transactions (including debit, credit or e-transfer).  Contributors name and address is required for every donation greater than $100.  Maximum contribution limit is $1200 per donor.

Receipts will be issued for all contributions over $25.

All contributions should be addressed to:  Jeff Davis Campaign.

Not only am I looking for your financial support, but I am also seeking your knowledge of the City of Oshawa, Ward 4, and our Downtown Core.

I want to ensure that my goals and ideals are consistent with the stakeholders of our Ward and City.  I value your opinions on where we need to go and how we need to get there.  I need your meaningful consultation to ensure that I represent the views of the citizens who elect me.

I am aware that red tape and bureaucracy make things difficult in Oshawa, and I want to advocate for improvements in processes and systems at City Hall.  I want to encourage our staff, civil servants, to return to their role of working FOR the citizens, presenting solutions rather than roadblocks.

Your comments or cheques can be delivered to my home, 95 Albert Street, Oshawa, and both are equally important in my quest to represent you.

Electronic submissions can be made via my website,, by email to, or by appointment for a personal discussion at your convenience.


Anyone willing to write a short recommendation or endorsement, this would be greatly appreciated for my website.

Endorsement messages should not be anonymous, and you will be requested to complete a basic Freedom of Information acknowledgement for your submission.  Your name and municipality of residence will be posted with your endorsement.


For more information on my campaign, please visit my website at:
or contact me via email at:
of phone/text me for a personal dialogue at:  905-396-2361

I look forward to meeting everyone in Ward 4, the stakeholders in our Ward and City, and to becoming your representative on the City of Oshawa and Region of Durham Councils.

I don’t take the honor of representing you lightly.  Your support is essential to my election, and I trust my election will be integral to the progressive advancement of our Ward, City and Region.


Jeff Davis

Candidate for Regional and City Councilor, Ward 4

Following are excerpts from the 2022 Ontario Candidates Guide:

Let’s Work Together

Thanks for submitting!

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