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Meet Jeff Davis


Jeff Davis, a 57-year-old recent retiree, calls Ward 4 his home.  Not only does Jeff live downtown, but he has worked from a downtown location for the past 6 years.  His adult sons and grandchildren also call Ward 4 their home.  Jeff and his family are invested in downtown Oshawa, and Ward 4 and Jeff wants to make it the best it can be for future generations like his sons and grandchildren.


Jeff recently retired from his position as Director of Communications at the historic Biltmore Theatre in downtown Oshawa to focus on his goal to become your Ward 4 Regional and City Council representative.  Jeff is committed to providing Ward 4 residents with unequaled commitment to the residents and businesses in our downtown and Ward 4.  Jeff wants to work with Ward 4 to return prosperity, hope, and viability to the central region of Oshawa.


Jeff Davis has a varied and deep past which has provided him with vast experience that will allow him to appreciate and represent your unique interests and ideologies on Oshawa and Regional Councils.


Born in Ontario, Jeff moved to the east coast at a young age where he attended university for 3.5 years studying towards a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  Jeff left university to accept full time employment back in Ontario in the travel and tourism industry as a motorcoach tour planner and administrator, and quickly was advanced to a management role in student transportation.


After more than 13 years in private sector student transportation management, including branch management of fleets exceeding 100 vehicles in both unionized and non-unionized environments, Jeff Davis moved on to self employment in the Durham Region owning his own building and maintenance company and working various construction jobs from labourer to small equipment operator to superintendent’s assistant.  Jeff has driven with a CDL Class AZ license and worked as an independent Health and Safety Consultant with a major specialized heavy equipment manufacturer.


During a brief period as a warehouse worker, Jeff Davis initiated contact with the UFCW and CAW to improve worker rights and conditions.


For the past 9 years, Jeff Davis has spent considerable time affecting change at the City of Oshawa in their processes of Records Management and Retention to improve Accountability and Transparency.


Jeff Davis has also been an active community volunteer, joining the Kin Clubs of Canada early in his professional career and transferring his membership through various moves across Ontario over a period of 10 years.


Since 2014, Jeff Davis has been a volunteer on the organizing team of the Heroes Highway Ride and Rally, Canada’s largest free motorcycle ride in support of our troops, first responders, and their families.  The HHR is attended annually by up to 2500 riders with one common goal to raise awareness of our military and first responder families.


Due in part to his extensive city research, Jeff Davis has been sought out by various local Oshawa residents, businesses, groups, and organizations struggling with bureaucratic red tape at our City Hall.  Jeff has worked with these individuals to assist with registrations and approvals for downtown patio installations to help beautify our downtown while increasing restaurant capacities, for MLELS and zoning issues, and for activities and events to help rejuvenate our downtown.


Jeff and his partner have recently purchased the Durham Craft Beer Festival and are working to revive and return the popular event to downtown Oshawa this fall.


Jeff understands intensification pressures in our downtown but is concerned about the gentrification that it brings.  Building sustainable communities with appropriate amenities in our city will be a key to successfully revitalize our downtown core and requires cooperation from the City of Oshawa, developers, and current residents.


As a renter in Ward 4, Jeff fully understands the struggles of his son and other young residents in their quest for home ownership in Oshawa.  Housing affordability will continue to be an issue in Oshawa and requires a fresh new perspective for new home ownership as well as sustainable ownership for current owners.

While emphasis needs to be placed on our downtown core, growth, homelessness, poverty and the growing drug issues, Jeff believes we need to take a more proactive approach across the great and vast city of Oshawa with assistance from the Region of Durham.  As an inclusive city, we need inclusive planning and leadership goals that treat each community of Oshawa in a respectful manner and take into consideration our history, heritage, and individual community atmospheres. 


Employment opportunities need to be created for the increasing population and an expanded commercial and industrial tax base will benefit home ownership in Oshawa.


Working and living in the downtown core, Jeff has seen the issues and problems and understands that there is a significant misconception of our downtown.  Jeff will continue to work with the DOBA, the GOCC, and Economic Development through council to increase the attractiveness of our downtown, encourage more downtown community-based events and promote a welcome, safe, entertaining downtown community, but do so in an efficient manner with respect to taxation.  Jeff will seek and welcome the meaningful input of downtown merchants and residents to build progressive ideas and solutions rather than idle complaints and criticisms.  Together we can make positive change.

Jeff Davis IS the future of Ward 4, Oshawa. Experienced business management and leadership, coupled with a diverse background and knowledge from many sectors and communities, mean Jeff Davis can bring forward new and unique ideas to Oshawa to unlock the incredible potential we have. 

On October 24, vote for change, vote for a future, vote for Jeff Davis.

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