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Invested in Ward 4

I have lived primarily in Ward 4 since returning to Oshawa in 2013. Even for the short time that I lived in Ward 3, I continued to gravitate to downtown Oshawa as my choice for dining, entertainment and my office location. My second and third generation family also lives in Ward 4. I am invested in Ward 4 and will continue to invest in Ward 4 for a future for my grandchildren and yours.

I have worked with numerous businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout the city but primarily in Ward 4 to assist with regulatory issues at the City of Oshawa. By-Laws, MLELS, Applications, Event Planning, improving the downtown business community, helping NFP agencies working with the underprivileged and underrepresented community.

I have gained much valuable experience in how our city works, internally, processes, rules and regulations, and intend to use that knowledge to help the citizens of Ward 4 and Oshawa to create progress and positive change for our community and City.


But they are an investment in our future.

Signs, literature, websites, advertising, and all the other parts of a successful campaign are costly. Rising prices and inflation have taken their toll, and we can’t expect businesses to not pass on those costs. To date, all of my campaign materials have been sourced locally, all within Ward 4. I have invested heavily into my campaign, for the good of Ward 4 and Oshawa residents.

But I could use some help. Would you please consider also investing in Ward 4’s future by making a donation to my Campaign? Any amount is appreciated and is an investment into our future.

All Donations over $25 will receive a receipt.

All donations need to be recorded and accounted for on my financial statement.

Personal donations can be up to $1200, but any amount, big or small is helpful and appreciated.

Donations can be e-transferred to or can be made by cheque and mailed or delivered, payable to “Jeff Davis Campaign” at my home address of 95 Albert Street, Oshawa, ON, L1H 4R3. I can also pick them up on the campaign trail or through a private meeting.

OTHER WAYS TO INVEST: Volunteers to help canvass, in your own neigbourhood or throughout the Ward, would be greatly appreciated. I will work with your schedule, provide the literature and materials, assist you with the consistent message, and appreciate your investment of time and energy.

Please contact to arrange your volunteer schedule.

Do your student age children need volunteer hours? Do they want to be involved In the future of their city and the political process? We will take them under our wing and match them up with adult volunteers to oversee them.


I will advocate for the return of an independent, in house, Auditor General, with the proper safeguards to ensure that independence and proper value for money audits of City operations and projects. I will advocate for the return of an Audit Committee.

I will advocate for changes to the Council Code of Conduct and a similar Code of Conduct for staff and Senior Management at the City of Oshawa.

I will advocate for greater Accountability at the City of Oshawa, so that the residents and taxpayers know how their money is being spent, where, and when. I will advocate for fewer in-camera meetings to increase the Transparency of decision making.

I will advocate for more public participation in meetings, decision making and for that public participation to be more meaningful in the process.

Please review my Davis Pledge on my website. It’s YOUR City, YOUR money, YOUR future. YOUR voice deserves to be heard.

Vote for Logic. Vote fore Reason. Vote Jeff Davis

As we kick the campaign into high gear, I look forward to knocking on your door and engaging with you. In the meantime, please follow and share me on: facebook

The web


Twitter @JeffDavisOshawa

Thank you, everyone. Contact me with your thoughts, ideas and concerns. Let me work with you to improve Oshawa, starting with Ward 4.

Jeff Davis Candidate for Regional and City Councillor, Ward 4 Oshawa

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