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Issue Identification – Community Respect

Since returning to Oshawa in 2013, one of the sayings I have repeated is; Oshawa has the most potential of anywhere I have lived. We just lack the political will.

As a Candidate for Regional and City Councillor, Ward 4, I will not only advocate for improvements in our city but serve as an ambassador for all the good that Ward 4 and Oshawa has to offer.

I don’t agree with the current administration of our City that tries to trivialize the problems we have. We need to accept our deficiencies in order to work towards correcting them. I refuse to respond with “It’s happening everywhere”.

I won’t say “but its worse in other cities”.

I want to hear your concerns and ask you how to make it better. Not just better, but the BEST it can be! I want to work with the citizens to find solutions, to embrace the good in Oshawa and to share the many achievements and accomplishments of our City.

History is in the past. The present is only one day. Our future is eternal! I recently had a local resident reach out to me about a garbage issue. I pointed out that we do have sufficient by-laws to address the issue and that the root problem was either a tenant or a property owner refused to respect those by-laws. As a result, the neighbourhood suffered through at least 4 days of a garbage dump on a front lawn, but eventually, somehow, miraculously, it has been cleaned up!

I agree it should not have taken four days. I agree that when contacted, the Ward Councillors should have taken action to have City Staff notified and a quick resolution should have ensued. I agree that there are things we could do better, but I still insist the disrespect of someone for the by-laws, for the community, for the neighbours is a large part of the problem. Attitudes. It is our community. Our City. We need to take pride in our community and City and treat it and our neighbours with the same level of respect that we expect.

We need an elected Council that listens to the voices of the citizens, whether they be a complaint or an idea, those voices need to be respected. We need to look from the perspective of the citizen and try to understand where they are coming from, whether we agree or not initially, because with an open mind and a sympathetic ear, most issues can be properly satisfied with open and direct communication.

I am just a normal guy, who believes he has the time, compassion, and desire to make Oshawa better, for you, me, and every other citizen. My ideas are no better than anyone else’s. I am not running for personal reasons other than to help make Oshawa better. The BEST it can be. And to do that, I need YOUR input, your ideas. I want to help you be proud of your community, wherever it may be in Ward 4 or the City of Oshawa.

My goal is to respect the taxpayers and voters, to respect the City of Oshawa, and to gain the respect of the constituents of Ward 4.

Start today to make Oshawa the best it can be. Contact me with your thoughts, ideas and concerns. Let me work with you to improve Oshawa, starting with Ward 4.

Jeff Davis Candidate for Regional and City Councillor, Ward 4 Oshawa

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