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Introducing Jeff Davis

Candidate for Regional and City Councillor

Ward 4, Oshawa

Let's work to return prosperity, hope, and viability to the central region of Oshawa.

Jeff Davis has spent considerable time affecting change at the City of Oshawa... and he is far from done. 

Jeff Davis calls Ward 4 his home and Jeff wants to make it the best it can be for future generations like his sons and grandchildren.

Jeff is committed to providing Ward 4 with unequaled commitment to the residents and businesses in our downtown and Ward 4. 


Jeff Davis has a varied and diverse educational and work experience which has provided him with vast knowledge and expertise that will allow him to appreciate and represent your unique interests and ideologies on Oshawa and Regional Councils.

For the past 9 years, Jeff Davis has spent considerable time affecting change at the City of Oshawa in their processes of Records Management and Retention to improve Accountability and Transparency.

He understands the blue collar worker while having management experience that will allow him to bridge the divide between residents and City Hall.


Jeff Davis has also been an active community volunteer.

Due in part to his extensive city research, Jeff Davis has been sought out by various local Oshawa residents, businesses, groups, and organizations struggling with bureaucratic red tape at our City Hall. Jeff understands intensification pressures in our downtown but is concerned about the gentrification that it brings. 


Building sustainable communities with appropriate amenities in our city will be a key to successfully revitalize our downtown core and requires cooperation from the City of Oshawa, developers, and current residents.

Working and living in the downtown core, Jeff has seen the issues and problems and understands that there is a significant misconception of our downtown.  Jeff will seek and welcome the meaningful input of downtown merchants and residents to build progressive ideas and solutions rather than idle complaints and criticisms. 

He understands that Ward 4 is much more than just our downtown core and one size fits all thinking will not create effective solutions throughout the Ward and City.


Together, we can make positive change.

Jeff Davis IS the future of Ward 4, Oshawa. Experienced business management and leadership, coupled with a diverse background and knowledge from many sectors and communities, mean Jeff Davis can bring forward new and unique ideas to Oshawa to unlock the incredible potential we have. 

On October 24, vote for change, vote for a future, vote for Jeff Davis.


To make Oshawa Thrive Again 

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